This is going to be FUN!

You will have fun while learning in an environment where safety is a top priority. Horses are great teachers and friends. As you learn to understand them, they will respond to you in fun and companionable ways. 

Horsemanship Skills

You will learn how to communicate with horses and how they communicate with each other. In addition, you will learn about horse safety, grooming, saddling, how horses think and act, horse anatomy, and more. Horses give us endless opportunities for teachable moments! 

Riding Skills​


You will learn how to communicate with your horse from the saddle. There is so much that we tell our horse with every move of our body and sound from our mouth.  Using a variety of games, exercises, and patterns you will experience the process of becoming the leader in your ride. 

Scheduling and Rates​


Rates are from $30 to $60 per person depending on the number of students. You pay at the time of each lesson.  A 60-minute lesson includes 30 minutes on the ground preparing for the ride and 30 minutes on the horse in our arena. I teach western style riding for fun and recreation. Most students come ‘randomly’, once a week, every other week, different days and times whenever it works out. I teach mostly weekdays, occasionally on Saturday or Sunday. The rider weight limit for my horses is 160 lbs. because I have smaller horses. I teach students 8 years or older.